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Compensation For Injured Workers

When you are injured on the job, you likely qualify to bring a workers’ compensation claim right away. Workers’ compensation should cover your medical care and if you miss work for longer than a week, it may replace some of your lost income. However, workers’ compensation benefits are often insufficient to cover the full costs of a serious or catastrophic injury. If another person or entity that is not your employer was responsible partially or fully, you may have grounds to bring a third-party liability claim.

Koles & Burke, LLP, has helped many injured workers in New Jersey to recover all compensation due to them after workplace accidents and injuries, including:

  • Falls at construction sites and workplaces
  • Chemical exposure cases
  • Traumatic injuries occurring through the use of dangerous tools or heavy equipment
  • Exposure to diseases and other environmental hazards inherent in the work of first responders (fire fighters, police offices and emergency medical technicians [EMTs])
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain resulting from work activities
  • Burns caused by explosions
  • Dog bites to mail carriers and other workers who visit homes

We can advise you on how to maximize the benefits coming to you through workers’ compensation. At the same time, we will pursue any third-party claim you may have against a manufacturer, a subcontractor or a delivery service that visited your worksite and caused your injuries.

Why Turn To Our Law Firm For Help

We are local lawyers who pride ourselves on our many successes helping injured workers in our community and beyond. We are serious legal professionals who are committed to righting wrongs through civil litigation. Our law practice has grown and remained vital thanks to many referrals from other lawyers and others familiar with our accomplishments.

We look forward to helping you recover all compensation you are eligible for from all sources, including workers’ compensation and claims against negligent parties and insurers. Schedule a free consultation by calling 201-293-8289 or sending an email inquiry.