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New Jersey Warehouse Accident Lawyers

Loading docks, factories and warehouses can present dangerous conditions for workers who are regularly subjected to the atmosphere and physical labor. Heavy equipment, manual lifting and various other conditions can lead to serious workplace accidents and injuries. The law offices of Koles & Burke, LLP, provide experienced legal help to workers who have been injured or to family members who have lost a loved one in a warehouse accident, manufacturing plant accident or other serious workplace accident in New Jersey or New York.

Contact Koles & Burke, LLP, for experienced and dedicated legal representation following any type of warehouse accident or injury, including accidents involving:

Heavy equipment and machinery: We handle claims involving forklift accidents and accidents involving other defective or dangerous equipment, such as defective machinery that causes a worker’s arm to get caught and amputated.

Heavy lifting and straining: Repetitive heavy lifting, twisting and bending can cause significant strain on a worker’s low back. Inadequate breaks, support or training can cause a worker to suffer a debilitating back injury when loading trucks, carrying boxes or moving heavy loads.

Toxic exposure: We advocate for the interests of workers and families of workers who have been exposed to asbestos, toxic mold, lead paint or other toxic chemicals in the workplace.

Collapses: We represent the families of collapse victims who died as a result of collapsed scaffolding, collapsed roof or ceiling, collapsed storage shelving or other devastating collapses in a warehouse or factory. We also represent workers suffering from a brain or spinal cord injury as a result of being crushed in a collapse.

Our work injury attorneys help injured clients and the families of fatal workplace accident victims pursue rightful workers’ compensation benefits as well as personal injury or wrongful death compensation against negligent third parties involved in the accident.

Contact Us After A Warehouse Accident

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious or fatal workplace accident, such as an accident in a warehouse, manufacturing plant, factory, loading dock or another place, we can help. Trust in our attorneys to focus on your legal needs while you, your family and your doctors focus on your recovery. Contact our offices in Jersey City, Bayonne, or New York. You can call us at 201-293-8289. We offer a free consultation on any accident cases.