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Helping Police Officers, Firefighters And EMTs Recover Compensation After An Injury

Anytime there is a well-publicized disaster affecting many people, the public seems to gain new awareness and appreciation for the work that police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) do every day.

Meanwhile, smaller-scale disasters happen in many places at many times, and these unsung heroes do their good deeds out of the spotlight. Rest assured that Koles & Burke, LLP, recognizes your courage in the face of disasters and in the face of injuries you have suffered on the job.

Pursue All Available Compensation

In the course of the hard jobs that first responders perform, injuries and exposure to illnesses often put their health at risk.

When a first responder is injured or suffers from an occupational disease, it is important to realize that emergency funds such as the funds set up after 9-11 (on September 11th, 2001) for responders to the terrorist attacks may provide additional benefits. Ask a lawyer about sources of compensation beyond regular workers’ compensation and/or third-party liability claims that may apply.

Recognize Extraordinary Risks

While many occupations are hazardous, first responders are in a category of their own because many of them are regularly exposed to hazards on the job that people in most other occupations are not.

Trial lawyers at Koles & Burke, LLP, provide personalized representation to people of all walks of life. We are well prepared to assist injured first responders and their families as they navigate the difficulties of living with disabilities or diseases caused by their work conditions.

Reach Out For Help And Hope

Did you become ill or suffer a traumatic injury as a direct result of your work activities as a first responder? Turn to a trusted, experienced advocate as you seek benefits to cover medical costs and more. Call 201-293-8289 or complete a brief intake form to request a free consultation with an attorney.