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The Most Important Matter After A Personal Injury Is Your Recovery

A client’s long-term well-being is the focus of every personal injury case that we take on at Koles & Burke, LLP. If you were injured in a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, a botched surgical operation, a workplace accident or an accident involving a defective product, we are on your side from Day One. We are here to advise and represent you on a contingency basis (in most cases) after you have suffered injuries or lost a family member through:

  1. A car, truck or motorcycle accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident
  2. An accident involving a slip and fall, trip and fall or fall from a height
  3. An accident on the job, such as a construction site or warehouse accident or any workplace injury

What We Can Do For You

Our plaintiffs’ lawyers have made it their life’s mission to help those who have been harmed through the negligence of others. We simultaneously juggle several balls in the air such as the following, and we do it well:

  • An investigation into the circumstances of the accident: Gathering evidence is essential to providing that someone else’s negligence caused or exacerbated your injuries.
  • A careful review of the injuries and losses: When we represent you, we will scrutinize every diagnosis and prognosis that your health care providers have to offer. Doctors’ reports are only part of this process. We will also listen carefully to you and your family to understand how the injury has affected your way of life.
  • An insightful legal analysis: The law, including statutes and court decisions, will inform our preparation of arguments on your behalf.
  • Trial readiness: We prepare every case as if for trial. Ironically, this has proven to be the best way to keep most cases out of the courtroom. However, we make sure that we are ready, if your case proceeds to trial, to present a compelling case on your behalf.
  • Clear communication with clients and their families: We will keep channels open so as to answer your questions.
  • A determination to win: We zealously and painstakingly pursue justice and maximum compensation for injured people and surviving family members after fatal accidents.

Don’t Wait; Reach Out Now

Initial consultations are free, and there is no further obligation. To contact us, send a brief message through this website or call 201-293-8289.