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Lawyers For People Injured In Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers In New Jersey

Thousands of fatal drunk driving accidents occur in the United States each year. Parents, children, spouses and siblings lose their lives because other drivers made the decision to drink and drive.

At Koles & Burke, LLP, we extend our sincere empathy to families who are coping with the loss of a loved one who died in a drunk driving accident or another alcohol-related accident. We help these clients find a way to move forward. We help families obtain much-needed closure by seeking justice and compensation that holds other individuals and even businesses accountable for their carelessness. While we recognize that this will never cure the incredible injustice to the drunk driver victim, it can provide a means for obtaining answers and ensuring financial security in the coming years.

Pursuing Accountability For Drunk Driving Accidents

Our personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyers advocate for the rights of drunk driver victims and their families. While we are compassionate and attentive to injured clients and the families of fatal accident victims, we are aggressive in our approach to pursuing justice and accountability for the terrible alcohol-related accident.

The drunk driver: The sad tragedy is that auto accidents caused by drunk driving or by underage drinking and driving could have been avoided. However, with adults and minors perceiving their own invincibility, drivers make the wrong decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and venture out on the road — where hundreds of other safe drivers unknowingly await their fate.

Drivers who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs are typically charged in criminal courts. These drivers can also be held financially responsible for their actions in civil courts — in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Other responsible parties: In many cases, the drunk driver is not the only one responsible for the drunk driving accident. The bartender, nightclub owner, house party host or another individual may be found partly to blame if the drunk driver was overserved alcohol while at the establishment. Dram shop liability refers to the responsibility of certain business owners to serve alcohol with caution.

When alcohol is negligently served to an individual who is visibly drunk and that individual causes an accident, serious injuries or death, the establishment can be held financially responsible for the accident. Bar and restaurant owners can also be held financially responsible for injuries and fatalities that result from bar fights, assaults and other incidents if alcohol was overserved or was illegally served to minors.

Get Answers And Advice From A Trusted Advocate

To learn more about alcohol liability or for experienced legal advice from a caring New Jersey lawyer, contact Koles & Burke, LLP, at one of our three convenient office locations in Jersey City, Bayonne, or New York. You can call us at 201-293-8289 or complete our simple online form. We offer a free consultation on any accident cases that allows you to speak with a drunk driving accident attorney about your situation free of charge