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New Jersey Lawyers Advocating For Sufferers Of Brain Injury And Paralysis

Catastrophic injuries such as head and spinal cord injuries can leave the victim disabled for life. He or she may be unable to work and require ongoing care. When those injuries were caused by negligence or misconduct, the injured person may be able to obtain compensation.

At Koles & Burke, LLP, our lawyers represent injured people who are seeking compensation for their severe injuries. We have been able to assist many clients with claims to obtain the resources they need to recover as completely as possible and live a full life. For more information about how an attorney can help after a spinal cord or brain injury, contact one of our three offices in New Jersey and New York. Learn about your options and your rights.

Severe Injuries Require Ongoing Treatment And Personal Care

Our attorneys help individuals who have been paralyzed or experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of spinal cord and head injuries. Victims may suffer paraplegia or quadriplegia, depending on the location of the spinal cord injury. Even a minor closed head injury may leave the injured person with a changed personality, memory problems or reasoning difficulties. Severe injuries such as these require extensive treatment, therapy and ongoing care.

Causes Of Catastrophic Injury

Any type of accident can cause serious injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries. Many of the cases we handle arise from motor vehicle accidents. However, construction site accidents and dangerous premises accidents can also leave a victim seriously disabled. Less common occurrences, such as aviation accidents, bus and train crashes, and gas explosions often lead to debilitating injuries.

An Advocate Here For You

We help people with serious injuries, whatever the cause. At Koles & Burke, LLP, we have experienced lawyers who understand your situation. To learn more about your options after you have suffered a head or spine injury, email us or call 201-293-8289 to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys about your serious injury.