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Discover The Keys To Recovery After A Ridesharing Vehicle Or Taxi Accident

Some researchers have reached conclusions that increased use of ridesharing services results in more driving and therefore, more accidents on the road. (Source: Forbes). Whether there is a clear cause and effect relationship in the data, we can confirm through statistics that people do get injured and some are killed in Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing vehicles. Each injured person or hurting family must grapple with the challenges of financial and personal losses.

Questions Demanding Answers After A Ridesharing Crash

Are Uber and Lyft drivers properly screened and trained? What about insurance? When a rider seeks compensation for injuries, will they encounter unexpected challenges? Are Uber and Lyft drivers universally and adequately insured to cover harm done to passengers when crashes occur? These are key questions that your personal injury lawyer will look into when representing you after an accident involving a ridesharing vehicle.

Obtaining the necessary compensation for someone injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver of a ridesharing vehicle or a driver of a vehicle colliding with one can be a challenge. It is also vitally important to explore all avenues of recovery when someone has been seriously hurt.

What About A Crash Involving A Taxi?

Taxis are another story. Taxis are generally owned and dispatched by companies that should carry commercial vehicle insurance. Whether they do or not is another question – and a vitally important one to look into.

If you were injured or your loved one lost their life in a collision involving a taxi, Koles & Burke, LLP, is ready to pursue all sources of compensation for you. The taxi company, the driver and other negligent people or entities may be liable to cover your medical costs and other losses. Our experience and skill in motor vehicle accident representation can be strong assets in your case.

Contact An Attorney After Being Hurt In An Uber Crash

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