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$500,000 Settlement for Injuries from a Rear End Hit Car Accident

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Results

John Burke is pleased to report that he recently settled an automobile negligence case for $500,000 which was the insurance policy limit.  Our client was the driver of a car that was rear-ended in a motor vehicle crash in Hudson County. Our client was also working at the time of the crash. John and his staff were able to present a strong case to the insurance company and showed that despite minimal property damage to the vehicle that his client was in – less than $800 – that the crash caused a herniated disc in his client’s neck which required a cervical fusion. Our client made a very good and credible witness and he also provided powerful video evidence of his painful road to recovery following his surgery. Often the insurance company will  argue that after a minor car accident a significant injury is not possible.  However at Koles Burke we understand that all accidents are not the same and we argue for our client and proved the significance of the injury and it was caused by this accident.  Thankfully our client returned to work after surgery.

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