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Product liability: Could a labeling error really lead to injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2024 | Defective Products

Most trust that the products they bring home are safe, but what is the reason for that trust? Because we rely on labels and marketing information to guide us in using them correctly and avoiding injury.

But what if product labels are incorrect or marketing campaigns send misleading messages? Like any personal injury risk, the consequences can be devastating if a flawed or faulty product causes you harm.

3 product labeling errors

An incorrect label sounds harmless but may hurt consumers in several ways. For example, not knowing all the ingredients a flu medicine contains could cause a dangerous interaction with other drugs. Here are three common labeling defects.

Inaccurate or missing ingredients

Poor ingredient listings can be particularly dangerous for people with allergies or sensitivities. Imagine someone with a peanut allergy consuming products containing peanuts due to a labeling error. The results could be life-threatening.

Inadequate or unclear warnings

Sometimes, products contain hazardous materials or have risks that require proper warnings. If these warnings are missing or confusing, users may be unaware of the danger and misuse the product, leading to injury or illness.

Grammatical errors or typos

It may seem trivial, but even seemingly minor things, like typos in instructions or dosage information, can have serious consequences. Misinterpreting measurement or mistaking one product for another can result in injuries.

The impact of injuries caused by labeling mistakes can be far-reaching. Victims may suffer physical pain, emotional distress and financial hardship. Ongoing medical care and time away from work may also be necessary.

If you believe a product harmed you but cannot link it to a manufacturing or design error, look closer at the label and marketing materials for possible defects. Even better, bring your evidence and your story to a product liability representative for guidance.