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Turn signal negligence and 3 more bad driving habits 

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people don’t realize that auto accidents happen every day. There are over five million injuries due to car accidents a year, with tens of thousands of fatal injuries. A large number of accidents are caused by speeding, aggression and drunkenness.

There are many small things people do while driving that can also lead to car accidents. Many people don’t consider how dangerous the following actions can be: 

1. Forgetting to turn on your turn signal

Many accidents are caused by a phenomenon called turn signal negligence. Turn signal negligence occurs when a driver decides to change lanes or turn down a road without indicating to other drivers. Studies have shown that nearly half of all lane-changing vehicles forget to turn on their signal and likewise a quarter of drivers turn onto different streets. As a result of turn signal negligence, drivers raise the chances of multi-vehicle accidents. 

2. Using your phone at red lights and stop signs

Distracted driving is a large cause of auto accidents. Some drivers who are aware of the dangers may believe that using their phones at a red light or stop sign would be safer. However, drivers using their phones when stopped may still be cognitively distracted and not notice other cars as they begin to move their vehicles again.

3. Driving too close to other cars

One thing drivers have to learn is to share road space. Drivers who straddle lanes or edge too close to other cars may increase the likelihood of accidents.

4. Adjusting your mirrors while driving 

While driving, people may notice their rear-view mirrors and side mirrors need adjusting. It’s typically natural to want to adjust these mirrors to keep other vehicles in view. However, drivers in motion who adjust their mirrors may focus too much on what’s behind them and not the vehicle in front of them, leading to accidents.  

If you’re in an auto accident, it may help you to learn your legal rights to get properly compensated for your injuries and losses.