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Are some tractor-trailer cargo loads more dangerous than others?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A large commercial truck need not have a trailer full of cargo attached to injure others in a vehicle accident. Still, the presence of a big load could play a role in causing a crash that results in severe injuries.

Knowing the unique risks some tractor-trailer cargo may present could help you spot potential danger in time to avoid a crash. Below are two examples to help you get started.

Flammable liquids

Flammable liquid cargo may pose unique risks for truckers and nearby motorists.

When tanks contain liquid loads, it may make the vehicle harder to control. Slosh dynamics may cause the contents to surge back and forth, increasing the risk of an accident, especially when only partially full.

Flammable liquids can explode or catch fire in an accident, potentially resulting in burns on top of other injuries. Exposure to fumes and chemicals that may spill from the tank during a crash may also cause harm.

Oversized loads

Most commercial trucks you encounter on the road will probably be hauling a traditional-sized trailer or load. However, trucks must sometimes transport extremely large freight like stacked containers, industrial equipment or even an entire house.

Like liquid cargo, oversized loads can pose control and manipulation problems for truckers, especially in unsafe situations (tight turns, downhill, etc.). If a crash occurs, it will likely injure you, and falling or unstable cargo might worsen your injuries or cause separate ones.

Truck accident claims are generally more complicated than car crash claims. There may be multiple at-fault parties, or you might have trouble getting what you deserve. Guidance from someone familiar with New Jersey injury compensation laws may be able to help.