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Product liability and your construction injury

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2022 | Defective Products

Those who enter the construction industry know that it has its fair share of workplace injury hazards. Still, the industry pays good wages, attracting many prospective workers to this potentially dangerous occupation.

Most construction companies must provide workers’ compensation to ensure injured workers can obtain medical care and other benefits. However, workers may qualify for more restitution through a third-party liability claim if defective equipment causes or contributes to injuries.

Product liability claims

Did you know you have the right to file a product liability claim on top of your workers’ compensation claim? You might be able to increase your overall compensation if you show that a faulty tool or equipment led to your injury.

Heavy machinery such as loaders, cranes and dozers can contain defects causing the equipment to malfunction and injure workers. Improperly manufactured small power tools like grinders, nail guns and saws can also lead to employee injuries.

How to proceed

Report the injury to your boss and submit your completed workers’ compensation paperwork as soon as possible after the incident. That way, your claim is already in progress as you investigate the possibility of a product liability claim.

Next, seek treatment from a doctor to ensure your injury heals well (if you haven’t already). An additional advantage of a prompt physician assessment is that it begins a chain of medical evidence to support your workers’ comp and product liability claim.

If you suspect product defects played a role in your injury but have no idea how to find out, consider seeking legal guidance. It can also help to increase your knowledge of state injury compensation laws.