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Are some bicyclists more apt to suffer head and neck injuries in bike accidents than others?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

There are inherent dangers associated with riding a bicycle. One of the factors that most put bicyclists at risk of getting hurt is their failure to wear helmets. 

Research conducted by the Taylor & Francis Group suggests that some bicyclists are least apt to wear helmets than others and thus are most vulnerable to suffering head and neck injuries. 

Which population is least apt to wear bicycle helmets?

The study’s authors determined that males and, more specifically, those belonging to ethnic minority groups are least likely to wear bike helmets. The researchers determined that the helmet usage rates among different ethnic groups were as follows:

  • Asians or Pacific Islanders: 26.6%
  • Caucasians: 27.35%
  • Blacks: 6%
  • Hispanics: 7.6%

Study authors also determined that 28.3% of women always wear their helmets, whereas men only do so 20.6% of the time. 

What’s the correlation between helmet use and neck or head injury rates?

Most scientists agree that there’s a direct correlation between neck or head injuries and helmet use. 

They determined that the above-referenced populations’ lack of use of helmets often results in fatal neck or head injuries. They found that Hispanics experience a 17% injury rate than whites. The black population’s bicycle-related neck or head injury rates are apparently 19% higher than Caucasians.

You can hold a negligent motorist accountable for causing a crash

While helmets can greatly reduce bicyclists’ injury rates, motorists can also do their part to keep bike riders safe. Head and neck injuries are often catastrophic. You may never be able to return to the quality of life that you once enjoyed once you suffer one of these injuries. 

You’ll assuredly need any compensation that you can recover to get the medical care that you need now and are sure to need in the future. An attorney can advise you whether New Jersey law may entitle you to receive any compensation for your injuries in your case.