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Malpractice By Professionals Such As Lawyers, Architects, Accountants And Engineers

People consult professionals about their areas of expertise every day. We seldom think about it as anything unusual. However, when something goes wrong and there are injuries, financial losses or other damage as a result of negligence or mistakes, the injured person deserves to be made whole.

At the law firm of Koles & Burke, LLP, our lawyers handle professional malpractice lawsuits for clients who have been injured by the misconduct of any type of licensed professional. We have brought suit on behalf of clients damaged in some way by the actions of medical, legal and financial professionals. If you believe you may have been injured by professional misconduct, contact one of our three offices in New Jersey and New York to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys during a free consultation on any accident cases.

Our lawyers have brought professional malpractice lawsuits on behalf of clients damaged by:

These and all licensed professionals have standards of performance and conduct. When they negligently violate those standards and cause injury or damage, the victim may be able to obtain compensation for their losses. In addition, the practitioner may lose his or her license to work in New Jersey. There are many boards and committees that regulate professional licensure in more than 75 occupations. Depending on the professional responsibility standards for that occupation, a claim for damages may lead to probation, loss of state licensure, and an inability to work in the profession.

We have brought suit on behalf of consumers who have suffered financial losses because of the negligence of a financial advisor or accountant. Our clients have included people whose house collapsed because of a design defect by the architect. We have sued lawyers for breach of fiduciary duty and legal malpractice while they were acting as trustees or executors of estates. In each of these cases, and in everything we do, we prepared thoroughly, documenting the value of the loss or injury to our client. Using investigators and experts, we develop a thorough understanding of the performance issues that caused our client’s loss.

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To learn more about professional malpractice and how we might help you recover from losses and injuries caused by an architect, lawyer, or physician, contact one of our three offices in New Jersey or New York by phone at 201-293-8289 or through this website.