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Consult With A New Jersey And New York Lawyer About Nursing Home Negligence

When loved ones are entrusted into the care of nursing home or assisted living facility staff, it is often necessary to set aside anxieties and have faith that the utmost care is being provided. However, when trust is misguided and nursing home abuse or neglect leads to serious injuries or premature death, it is necessary to evaluate who was at fault and pursue accountability. Our attorneys at Koles & Burke, LLP, have many years of experience helping clients pursue justice and accountability.

With inadequate repositioning, seniors can develop bedsores that don’t heal. Without an expedient response to a call for help getting to the restroom, seniors may elect to get out of bed and make the trip to the restroom on their own — and fall. Our attorneys at Koles & Burke, LLP, help clients cope with and pursue justice for these types of nursing home neglect and abuse cases. Cases we handle frequently involve:

  • Medication errors
  • Using medication as a chemical restraint
  • Failure to follow doctors’ orders
  • Negligent supervision
  • Dehydration and inadequate nutrition
  • Bedsores
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Other nursing home abuse or neglect

Falls In A Nursing Home Or Care Center

In certain conditions, the average adult can suffer serious injuries in a fall. However, for elderly adults, a fall to the ground can be debilitating and can lead to diminishing health. In fact, many elderly people never recover from a serious fall that resulted in a broken hip or other broken bones. Sadly, many times, a devastating fall could have been prevented. Failure to properly raise bed rails, failure to supervise trips down the hallway or to the restroom, failure to keep floors free from obstacles, failure to lock brakes on a wheelchair prior to assisting with transfers, and many other shortcomings are just some examples of staff negligence that frequently lead to serious falls.

Contact Us About Your Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect Concerns

If you feel that an elderly loved one’s vulnerability was taken advantage of and serious injury or harm resulted, we invite you to consult with one of our medical malpractice attorneys for an honest discussion about your options moving forward.

To learn more about Koles & Burke, LLP, or to discuss your concerns with an attorney, contact us online or by phone at 201-293-8289. We offer a free consultation on any accident cases.

From offices in Jersey City, Bayonne, and New York, our law firm is available to handle nursing home abuse and neglect claims relating to a loved one’s care at any of the area’s nursing home facilities and assisted living facilities, such as Palisade Nursing Center, Hamilton Park Health Care Center, Harbor View Health Care Center, Liberty House Nursing Home of Jersey City, Margaret Anna Cusack Care Center, Newport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, St. Ann’s Home For The Aged, Clara Maass Continuing Care at West Hudson, Clara Maass Continuing Care Center Kearny, Fritz Reuter Altenheim, Harborage, Hudson View Care And Rehabilitation Center, Hudson Manor Health Care Center, Castle Hill Health Care Center, Manhattan View Nursing Home, and other facilities in New Jersey or New York.