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Who’s responsible when you’re injured near a construction site?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It can be difficult for pedestrians, bicyclists and others who use sidewalks to avoid construction sites sometimes. That’s especially true in the spring and summer months when construction seems to be everywhere in New Jersey’s cities. 

Contractors, builders and others who are in charge of a construction site have a responsibility not just to keep workers safe but to do everything they can to help prevent injuries to others who may be in the immediate vicinity of a site. This typically begins with putting up fencing and barricades around the area and posting clear signage warning of danger if someone goes inside those cordoned-off areas.

How are pedestrians and others injured?

Certainly, if someone ignores all of these warnings and precautions and proceeds into areas where they don’t belong, they bear some responsibility for any resulting injuries. However, too often, people who are outside any blocked-off area can still be injured. 

Debris, including falling pieces of equipment, doesn’t always stay within a roped-off area. It can cause serious falls or even strike someone as it falls to the ground. In one tragic incident in New York City, a piece of plywood came off some fencing and fatally struck a person who was passing by.

Be prepared for the passing of the buck

Holding the responsible parties accountable can be a challenge. With so many entities and individuals involved in a construction project, you can expect everyone to try to pass the blame onto others – including the victim. That’s why it’s crucial to seek experienced legal guidance as soon as possible to help hold the appropriate parties responsible and get the compensation to which you’re entitled.