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What type of damages are you entitled to after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary and overwhelming situation. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful act, it might be possible to recover compensation (also called damages). 

Understanding the types of damages you can recover will help you better understand how to protect your financial health after an accident while getting the medical treatment you need for any injuries. 

All accident-related medical costs

The costs of medical services for injuries you sustained in the accident are covered. This includes time in the hospital, transport by an ambulance, doctor visits, nursing services, medication and equipment. It’s necessary to provide receipts and statements showing these services’ true costs. Be sure to retain all accident-related medical cost receipts to ensure you receive the full value you are entitled to. 

Lost wages

If the accident and injury caused you to miss time at work, you could recover any lost wages. Just like with medical costs, you must show the amount of your lost wages from when the injury occurred to the settlement date. 

Lost earning capacity

After an accident, you may not be able to return to your previous job. If this happens, and you have to take a job that pays less, you can recover the difference in your pay rate with your personal injury claim. 

Protecting your rights to compensation after an accident

Being injured because of someone else’s negligence can cause many issues in your life. However, you do have the right to file a claim and recover compensation. Knowing your legal rights will help you receive compensation for your injuries and losses.