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The problem with cars and cellphone addiction

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s clear that phones are a problem for drivers. Distracted driving causes many accidents and takes lives every year. Even those who disagree on the exact amount of accidents that can be attributed to distraction generally don’t dispute the fact that it does cause some annually.

As a result, new regulations have been enacted to prohibit this activity. In New Jersey, the law says that texting and driving is a primary offense. Drivers are also prohibited from talking on hand-held devices. 

But you’ll still see drivers texting behind the wheel or using their phones in other ways that are both prohibited and dangerous. In some cases, the reason that they do this is simply because they’re dealing with an addiction.

Cellphones are designed to be addictive

The reason for this is that many designers of apps used on smartphones want them to be addictive. The goal is to get the user to spend more time using the device and, specifically, to continue using that app. As a result, people get addicted to their devices without even realizing it.

But that addiction can come into play because checking the phone becomes second nature. You could ask a teenager if it’s dangerous to text and drive and they may say yes, but they may also reach for their phone if they feel it buzzing in their pocket while they’re driving. They’re just so used to responding immediately that they’re addicted to it, and so they feel this compulsion to check the phone instantly.

Unfortunately, this means that distraction is going to continue causing car accidents. Those who are injured in these crashes need to know about their legal options.