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Weaving: A dangerous act and sign of recklessness

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

When a person is weaving on the road, they are not being as safe as they should be. Someone who is weaving may go in and out of traffic quickly, not really considering how their behavior may be negatively impacting other drivers. Others may have to quickly slow down or stop to avoid a crash, or they may feel that the other driver is being aggressive and inappropriate.

Weaving, also known as lane-hopping, can be a sign of recklessness and potentially road rage. Someone who weaves is trying to get around slower-moving traffic, but they may make dangerous movements to do so. They could cut off traffic, overtake someone very quickly or be moving so fast that they overshoot their lane and crash into someone elsewhere.

Drivers should be aware of weaving and take evasive action

If you notice that someone is quickly approaching and is going to weave, stay in your lane and keep your speed steady if you can. Allow them to overtake your vehicle, because if you suddenly stop or move over, you could end up getting into a crash.

If someone cuts you off in traffic, do your best to slow down and back away from their vehicle to give yourself more space again. Try to back off quickly, because not doing so could result in a crash if the person weaving has to brake suddenly.

It shouldn’t be your responsibility to avoid dangerous drivers

People should be aware of what dangerous driving activities are and take steps to avoid them. Weaving is not legal, and someone could end up in court over those dangerous movements.

As a safe driver, you do have an opportunity to call the police if you see someone putting others at risk. Get the license plate number and pull over to call, or have someone in your vehicle call. The police can, at the very least, stop the driver to make sure they are okay and make sure that they know that they have been doing something dangerous that could cause a serious crash with others. A quick citation may help prevent someone from doing the same thing again in the future.