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Roads that put Jersey City commuters at risk of vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

It would be nice if you knew where danger lurked on New Jersey roadways. You could avoid motor vehicle accident injuries and the financial hardships that usually arise in the wake of a crash.

We feel the same way and have collected a list of dangerous roadways for those that commute in the Bayonne, Jersey City and Newark areas. Armed with accurate information, you will know when to practice a little extra caution when driving your vehicle.

These roads have high rates of motor vehicle accidents

Generally speaking, New Jersey has a poor reputation for road and highway safety. However, some roads are worse than others regarding vehicle accidents. Below, you will find three of the most hazardous areas to traverse in the state.

  1. State Road 440 in Bayonne and Jersey City sees an annual average of 24.4 fatal motor vehicle accidents per 100 miles. Since this is a short route to Staten Island, many commuters are at risk.
  2. State Road 21 in the Newark region also sees an annual average of 24.4 fatal auto crashes per 100 miles. SR 21 runs to the Newark airport, putting many residents at risk of an accident.
  3. Interstate 280, also in the Newark area, sees an annual average of 23.8 fatal accidents per 100 miles. I-280 runs from East to West and connects to several other heavily used roadways, increasing the risk of a crash for commuters and other travelers.

When you know where the dangers are, you have a chance to avoid tragedy. If you have already suffered severe injuries in a New Jersey motor vehicle accident, understanding the state accident compensation laws ensures you find a satisfactory solution for your harm.