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Could your exercise equipment put your children at risk?

| Aug 25, 2021 | Defective Products

People add a home gym in their basements or home office because they want to focus on their health and well-being. Unfortunately, the very same devices that adults use to keep their bodies in top shape can potentially endanger any children living in the home. 

Any exercise equipment could be dangerous without proper training or supervision, but defective exercise equipment poses a particularly significant risk of injury or death. Too many companies that manufacture home exercise equipment do not consider safety. Given how many of their customers will probably have small animals or young children in the home, this is concerning. 

One of the more popular high-end exercise equipment brands has recently recalled its treadmills because of a major safety oversight in its design. 

A recent treadmill recall stemmed from a child’s death

Peloton is a luxury brand that charges thousands of dollars for its exercise devices in addition to a monthly subscription fee to access workouts and digital fitness coaching. People who purchase a Peloton device generally have a strong commitment to their own health. Unfortunately, as a recent viral video showed, the Peleton’s treadmills could suck a child or animal underneath the device, possibly resulting in severe injuries. 

The treadmill’s manufacturer initiated a recall after customers reported multiple incidents and a fatality. At least one child died as a result of the design issues. A newer model of their treadmill will feature enhanced safety features that will help protect customers from facing a similar tragedy. 

Those affected by poorly designed or defective products may have the right to file a lawsuit. Knowing your rights and documenting the impact of a defective product on your life can help you pursue justice as a consumer dealing with injuries or property damage.