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Can I claim if injured in a construction site fall?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Falls from height are the primary reason for construction accidents. A fall from height is, by definition, one that takes place from six feet or more above the ground.

New Jersey law requires all employers to either carry workers’ compensation insurance or carry appropriate self-insurance. It allows you to claim against your employer if injured in a fall from height or in any construction accident.

Employers must provide you with appropriate safety equipment when you are working off the ground. It includes things such as harnesses and helmets that meet the necessary safety standards. Scaffolding needs to be installed correctly with toe-rails and guard rails in place.

Yet, they also need to take steps to prevent you from falling and injuring yourself at lower heights. For example, holes in the ground need to carry warning signs or have barriers around them.

If you are unhappy with your workplace safety, you have the right to tell your employer. They cannot insist you do something you feel is unsafe. You also have the right to report them to the relevant safety authorities.

Is filing a claim for a fall from height straightforward?

Filing a claim does not mean you will automatically get the compensation you need. There are strict rules you must follow to improve your chance of success. Failing to understand the regulations could invalidate your claim, so it is best to seek legal help.

Insurers have experienced legal teams to fight every construction injury case. You cannot compete with them unless you, too, have experienced legal representation. Falls from a height on construction sites can have lifelong consequences. It is crucial to get the compensation you and your family need.