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Does a dangerous dog sign limit your rights after a dog bite?

| Apr 9, 2021 | Dog Bites

When a dog turns aggressive toward a human, it can do life-altering amounts of damage in a few seconds. You’re lucky enough if you make it out alive when such an attack occurs. You’re liable to have significant financial losses if you do.

You could have medical bills to pay, which requires either an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against the dog’s owner. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck paying those expenses yourself. 

If you notice that the dog’s owner has a sign up on their property warning people about their dog, then you may wonder if that means that you don’t have any right to compensation under the law. The truth is, it depends. 

What type of sign must a dog owner post?

Taking a picture of the sign and its placement right after the dog bite attack could potentially help with your claim. An owner may have needed to register it as an aggressive animal

The canine’s owner must post a sign at least 50 feet away from where people might encounter the dog, warning them of the dangerous animal. The owner must train and restrain the animal or otherwise potentially expose oneself to legal liability if it were to attack.

A standard “beware of dog” sign will do little to offer legal protection for an owner. Its existence could even help you demonstrate to the court that the owner knew the dog posed a threat to the public.

New Jersey holds owners accountable for angry animals that attack

New Jersey’s strict liability statutes and registration requirements for dangerous dogs aim to protect the public from the risk created by canine companions. An attorney can advise you of your legal options should someone else’s dog hurt you.