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Will a dog owner’s insurance cover your dog bite injury costs?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Dog Bites

Dog bite attacks can lead to expensive injuries, especially if the victim is a child. Trying to get compensation can be a difficult prospect after a dog bite attack, particularly if you don’t really know what rights you have.

In theory, if an attack occurred at someone’s home, their renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the cost of any injuries suffered. Additionally, if the dog was in a business with the permission of the owner, their insurance policy may cover the costs for the victim.

In what situations might insurance not apply to a dog bite attack?

Insurance companies might not cover attacks that happen off the premises

Even if someone has good insurance, if their dog was running loose at a park instead of on their own property, their insurance policy may not cover the costs incurred by the victim. Policies intended to offset premises liability typically only cover incidents that take place on the policyholder’s property.

There may not be coverage if the dog was not disclosed

Insurance companies may increase the premium that they charge a policyholder if that person tells the agent that they have a dog. This is especially true with restricted or aggressive breeds identified as high-risk by insurance companies.

In some cases, an owner just forgot to inform their insurance provider about the dog and therefore won’t have coverage for the animal’s action. Other times, the owner knows that the dog is an excluded breed and chooses to not secure additional insurance despite the risk.

When the dog’s owner does not have insurance to compensate you for injuries after a dog bite attack, you may have no choice but to consider a civil suit against the animal’s owner to recoup your losses.