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Make your complex motor vehicle accident case simpler

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

Victims of serious motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence should never have difficulty acquiring compensation. Unfortunately, financial compensation must often be fought for and won even when you are a victim.

New Jersey’s compensation laws are complex, which means that you might benefit from legal assistance. For example, our state follows the modified comparative negligence standard. If you played a role in causing the crash, then your compensation is adjusted accordingly. If you are more than 50% at fault for the crash, you may walk away with no compensation at all.

The auto insurance policy you have can also influence how you acquire compensation. A basic insurance policy in our state limits your ability to sue the other motorist for pain and suffering damages. If the crash resulted in permanent injuries, you may sue. If you suffered no permanent injury, then you may not file a lawsuit.

By comparison, a standard policy gives you the option to choose certain elements of your coverage. For example, when purchasing your policy, you must choose between the limited right to sue as described above and the unlimited right to sue. The latter choice preserves your right to seek a legal remedy against the person who caused the motor vehicle accident.

As you can see, these laws are difficult to sort through, especially for safe drivers who believe they can avoid motor vehicle accidents. If the worst happens and you suffer injuries in a crash, you can make your circumstances simpler. Consider having a legal advocate help you target all sources of compensation. This leaves you free to continue recovering while your lawyer works through the legal details and the red tape.

We invite you to continue reviewing our blog and website to learn more about your options after a motor vehicle crash in New Jersey.