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Coronavirus Contracted In The Workplace

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | News

John M. Burke, Esq. is working hard for clients to get them worker’s compensation benefits when they have contracted COVID-19 at work. John welcomes cases from New Jersey workers who are law enforcement, nurses, medical staff, EMS, first responders and grocery store workers who got the coronavirus from their job. Law enforcement cases are particularly common, given that these brave men and women work in prisons, jails and other locations which are hot spots or have had to interact significantly with the public which has put them at particular risk. Similarly, our healthcare workers who selflessly go and treat sick patients who have COVID-19 have also contracted the virus. Sometimes, they heal quickly and fully. Other times, healthy people have become seriously ill and died from their workplace exposure. Similarly, essential workers such as sanitation workers and grocery store workers who have also bravely done their jobs have also disproportionately gotten sick. They were especially put at risk if not given proper Personal Protective Equipment. If you or a family member got the coronavirus at your workplace in New Jersey, please contact John Burke, Esq. so he can work on your case. There is never a fee on a worker’s compensation case unless you win.